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AR500 "Auto-Reset" Steel Target
Rugged AR500 steel with spring return for target shooting!
Comparable targets from another manufacturer sell for $132.52 and up, but ours are only $80 each and Made in the USA!

This steel target is built to last and is perfect for the hunter, law enforcement officer, shooting enthusiast or anyone who wants to hone their target shooting skills. Each hit will ring out and knock the target back, and it is spring loaded so it will automatically spring back up afterwords.

The target face is overall 12 inches high, and the target zone is a 6 inch diameter circle on top
.  The garget face is made from 3/8 inch thick AR500 hardened steel so it can withstand thousands of shots under normal use.  The base is mild steel (do not shoot the base).

Suggested range is 15 yards or greater for rimfire and centerfire handgun rounds up to .357 magnum, and 100 yards or greater for centerfire rifle and handgun rounds of greater than .357 magnum.

AR500 steel targetTarget is coated with white primer and ready for you to paint it the color of your choice (though further paint is not necessary). Includes 2 lag bolts for mounting to a wooden surface and an extra spring. Shipped  USPS priority mail to the United States (all 50 states) only.

NOT FOR USE with ammunition that strikes at greater than 3000 fps, and not for use with steel shot, pellets, BB's, 100% copper bullets or any armor piercing or steel core ammunition.
Using extremely powerful rounds such as .50 BMG may damage or destroy the target, so we do not recommend shooting at steel targets with elephant rifles and anti-material rifles. The purchaser is solely responsible for the safe use of this target and accepts any and all of the inherent risks associated with target shooting. The manufacturer does not imply nor accept any liability for results from the use or misuse of these targets.

Available direct for $80 each or
$230 for 3
With FREE SHIPPING to the United States (all 50 states) and Puerto Rico only.
Sorry, no international or APO/FPO shipping.  6% sales tax added to Pennsylvania orders.

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